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Safety Attitude Assessment

Safety Attitude Assessment

SureHire’s Safety Aptitude test allows employers to take an innovate approach to risk reduction by providing advice for supervisors on how to develop safer at work behaviors while also decreasing the risk of injury.

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Safety Attitude Questionnaires help employers assess the safety tendencies of their workforce.

By knowing who in your staff has tendencies toward being compliant, cautious, or trainable, you can make better decisions about which individuals are best for certain positions.

The Questionnaire

Our online assessment software measures behaviours, work styles, and personality traits linked to human error. We then help you to select workers who are:

  • Compliant vs. Defiant
  • Emotionally Stable vs. Highly Reactive
  • Cautious vs. Reckless
  • Vigilant vs. Distractible
  • Trainable vs. Arrogant

The Results

This approach has helped organizations reduce preventable incidents by understanding what causes human error. Return on Investment (ROI) has shown to be:

  • 50% fewer accidents overall
  • 40% decrease in rule violation
  • 27% fewer work stoppages, with a resulting increase in productivity
  • 40% decrease in workers compensation claims and corresponding decrease in insurance premiums
  • 52% reduction in lost-time injuries

Testimonials & Case Studies

This industrial construction company implemented pre-hire Fitness-to-Work testing with SureHire in April 2012. From April 2012 to December 2015, *4322* candidates were tested.

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