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Physical Demands Analysis

Physical Demands Analysis

A physical demands analysis involves evaluating the individual tasks of a specific job position, as well as the physical requirements required to perform those specific tasks. Job tasks are analyzed by considering task frequency, postures required to complete the task, weights of equipment, materials, tools used, forces used, and environmental hazards.

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Prior to implementing Fitness-to-Work testing, a physical demands analysis is completed to determine the physical requirements of each specific job position.

The information gathered in the physical demands analysis is then used to determine the Fitness-to-Work testing protocols. In addition, a final report is generated and provided to the employer.

Why does an employer need a physical demands analysis?

PDA’s are customized to each employer but will typically include the following information:
• Job Title/Description
• Essential Job Duties
• Critical Job Demands – rate frequency of demands
• Work Schedule
• Tool/Equipment/Materials used – weights of each provided in report
• Environmental Conditions
• Sensation/Perception
• Psychological Factors
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Functional Strength & Positional Demands – pictures/video included in report

A physical demands analysis is required for an employer to determine whether a potential worker has the necessary medical, musculoskeletal, and critical strength and mobility status to safely work in a specific job. It provides information to compare the essential tasks of the job to the abilities of a candidate.

How does SureHire conduct a physical demands analysis?

STEP 1 – Determine Job Requirements:

  • A SureHire medical professional, who has received specific physical demands analysis training, and employer representative discuss to summarize the job description which includes the essential and non-essential tasks of the job, work schedule, personal protective equipment required, tools and equipment requirements, manual handling/lifting requirements, dexterity requirements, positional and mobility requirements, sensation/perception, environmental demands, and psychological factors.

STEP 2 – Verify and Quantify Job Requirements:

  • The SureHire medical professional and the employee representative attend to the job site and the functional components of the job are verified with standardized testing equipment. If physical demands are required to perform a task, the intensity, frequency, and duration of that task are recorded.
  • SureHire objectively quantifies the physical requirements for each task using a variety of measurement tools.

STEP 3 – Report Completion:

  • A final report is completed and provided to the employee representative.
  • The Fitness-to-Work testing level is determined based on the physical demands required to lift the weights of the equipment, material, and tools identified in the analysis.

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This industrial construction company implemented pre-hire Fitness-to-Work testing with SureHire in April 2012. From April 2012 to December 2015, *4322* candidates were tested.

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