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Drug & Alcohol Policy Creation and Auditing

Drug & Alcohol Policy Creation and Auditing

SureHire has the expertise to guide employers through the process of creating a drug and alcohol policy by providing a comprehensive template. Alternately, SureHire can refer employers to our preferred partner to assist with creating custom policies or auditing existing policies to determine if adjustments are required to better protect the worker and the employer.

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A drug and alcohol policy is an effective tool for protecting employers and workers. A comprehensive policy is required before an employer can implement drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.

Human rights and privacy play a significant role in workplace drug and alcohol testing, and a properly created policy will set the parameters to ensure that an employer is in line with national and provincial legislation.

A drug and alcohol policy reminds workers of the risks associated with the use of alcohol and drugs. It provides understandable and predictable responses from the employer when worker conduct jeopardizes workplace safety.

A properly created drug and alcohol policy that is customized to the specific needs of an employer:

  • Respects the mutual interests of clients, contractors, unions, and workers in achieving a safe, healthy, and substance-free workplace.
  • Provides consistent, fair, and manageable procedures for detecting, eliminating, and treating substance use which stands to impair work performance.
  • Provides appropriate assistance to workers with substance abuse problems.
  • Protects the safety, dignity, and welfare of the workers and their families.
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to worker privacy, yet ensures worker lifestyle choices and values do not impair high quality work performance, productivity, or job safety.

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