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Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

At SureHire we perform a full spectrum of drug and alcohol testing in Canada and the United States. Occupational, private, and social services are some of the sectors that require drug and alcohol screening. Depending on the type of drug test required, express and lab-based methods are available.

  • Alcohol Testing

    Alcohol testing measures the current level of alcohol in a donor’s system. The resulting Breath/Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is calculated immediately and no lab time is required.

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  • Workplace Urine Drug Testing

    Highly accurate and reliable, urine drug testing is the most commonly used method in Canada’s occupational testing industry.

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  • Oral Fluid Drug Testing

    Oral fluid drug testing measures drug levels in a donor’s saliva. It detects drug use in the past 12-24 hours (dependent on the drug ingested) and does not test for historical usage.

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  • Hair Follicle Testing

    Hair follicle drug testing is used to detect historical drug use by analyzing the drugs inside the hair shaft. Hair drug testing technology does not identify impairment.

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  • Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

    Random drug and alcohol testing is a highly effective deterrent to substance abuse in the workplace.

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  • Substance Abuse Professional Services

    SureHire’s substance abuse professionals will help classify workers who have tested positive during drug and alcohol testing. Learn how we can assist you during and after the testing process.

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  • Express vs. Lab-Based Drug Testing

    SureHire offers both express/POCT and lab-based drug testing. The decision to test using express/POCT or lab-based testing can sometimes be challenging. We provide a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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  • Medical Review Officer Services

    A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licenced physician who is responsible for receiving and reviewing laboratory results and evaluating medical explanations for certain drug test results. MRO’s are independent and impartial and advocate for the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process.

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  • Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training

    The revised version of the Canadian Model now specifically recommends supervisors complete awareness training. To help supervisors recognize substance abuse in the workplace before they incur costs to the company, SureHire offers an online course on how to recognize employee workplace drug and alcohol abuse.

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  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

    Many employers focus on drug and alcohol testing programs but may overlook education for their workers. The majority of workers are not aware of how drugs and alcohol negatively affect safety, productivity and culture on the job site. SureHire offers an online course that provides substance abuse awareness to employees.

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  • Drug & Alcohol Policy Creation and Auditing

    SureHire has the expertise to guide employers through the process of creating a drug and alcohol policy by providing a comprehensive template. Alternately, SureHire can refer employers to our preferred partner to assist with creating custom policies or auditing existing policies to determine if adjustments are required to better protect the worker and the employer.

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  • New: Fentanyl Testing

    SureHire is excited to announce that, effective August 29, we will begin offering lab-based fentanyl testing services. This change is in response to the recent nationwide spike in the sale and use of fentanyl, both over-the-counter and illicitly distributed.

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  • GHB Testing

    SureHire now offers GHB testing services. Click for more information about this new service.

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Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace

The Canadian Model is an alcohol and drug policy that outlines the construction industry’s best practice guidelines. It is available for organizations to adopt and follow across Canada.

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