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24 Hours: 1 (866) 944-4473

WCB Claims & Disability Management

WCB Claims & Disability Management

SureHire's objective is to take a proactive approach to assisting the injured worker throughout the full duration of the post-incident and their recovery. Because each workplace and worker is unique, Return-to-Work programs must be tailored to meet the customized needs of the organization.

  • Return to Work Program

    The philosophy behind SureHire’s Return to Work & Follow-Up Management Program is based on helping the injured or ill worker return to a meaningful, productive and safe employment as part of their recovery process. When injuries do occur, a well-developed Return-to-Work Program is the best approach to minimizing the costs associated with the injury while at the same time promoting recovery throughout the workplace.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation

    A Functional Capacity Evaluation, also known as a FCE, is a test designed to evaluate an individual's physical ability to perform certain tasks or activities generally associated with his or her participation in employment.

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