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SureHire's Nova Scotia Locations

Exclusive Testing Facilities

These are private testing facilities only accessible to SureHire clients. At these locations, SureHire clients will receive:

  • All testing services available in one facility
  • Same or next-day appointments
  • Same-day testing results with email nofitications
  • Access to SureHire’s proprietary Fitness-to-Work medical / physical assessment
  • Standardized testing from SureHire trained and certified staff
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Sydney Halifax

Independent Testing Facilities

These facilities are open to all testing companies. SureHire clients are able to access these locations but are not promised the same advantages of the Power Centres and Exclusive Testing Facilities. At these locations:

  • Booking preference is first-come first-served
  • No appointment timeline is guaranteed
  • Testing staff is independently trained and certified
  • SureHire health assessments are available
  • Same-day testing results with email notifications are issued
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Antigonish Dartmouth Sydney

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