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Toll Free: 1 (866) 944-4473
24 Hours: 1 (866) 944-4473

About SureHire

Our Services

SureHire Occupational Testing offers a host of programs and services available nationally that promote safe, healthy and productive workforces and communities.

Drug & Alcohol
Three methods of drug testing: urine, oral fluid, hair follicle and two types of alcohol testing: breath and urine ethanol. Depending on the reason for testing, express and lab-based options are available.

A series of medical and musculoskeletal assessments as well as physical testing stations designed to compare a candidate’s abilities with the physical demands of the job they are applying for.

Ensures employers and industry associations comply with occupational health and safety legislation through testing, results interpretation and education.

Background Checks
SureHire provides pre-employment verification services including Canadian, US and international criminal record search, education/employment verification, reference checks and credit analysis.

Lung Health
Comprehensive health monitoring programs for exposed workers in compliance with legislation, as well as additional services for non-exposed workers, such as spirometry and mask fit testing.

Functional Capacity Evaluation & Return to Work
A functional capacity evaluation determines an employee’s physical abilities to perform certain tasks or activities associated with his or her participation in employment.

Mobile On-Site Testing
SureHire’s mobile on-site testing allows us to come to you, without having to pull your workers away from the front line and disrupt productivity.

Emergency 24/7 Testing
After-hours emergency drug and alcohol testing for pre-employment, pre-access, post incident and reasonable cause is available nationally. Testing is coordinated through a SureHire booking agent.

What Makes Us Different?

National Pricing Consistency

SureHire has secured standardized pricing nationally to ensure testing costs remain consistent at all facilities. SureHire does not charge additional facility or collection fees.

National Exclusive Testing Network

SureHire's Exclusive Testing Facilities are only available to SureHire clients and provide standardized testing services across Canada.

Appointment Availability

Same day/next day at Alberta Power Centres (ability to book real-time appointments online) and 24-48 hours at Exclusive Testing Facilities across Canada (ability to submit online appointment requests).

Same Day Result Notifications

Result notifications are sent to the company representative(s) the same day of testing. If additional testing is required (e.g. lab confirmation) you will be notified where we are in the process.

24/7 Emergency Testing

National after hours emergency drug and alcohol testing is available 24/7 for SureHire clients through a live voice agent.

Dedicated Account Representative

In order to build successful partnerships, it is important to us to provide our clients with one main point of contact.

SureHire Advisory Board

SureHire has assembled an advisory team of industry professionals to provide expert advice and perspectives to help guide the creation of safe, healthy and productive workplaces and communities.

  • Kyle Powell

    Kyle Powell

    Founder, President & CEO

  • John Hawes

    John Hawes

    Founder, Senior Research Analyst

  • Mary Cameron

    Mary Cameron

    Chair, SureHire Advisory Board (Past President & CEO of WCB Alberta)

  • Jim Carter

    Jim Carter

    Director, SureHire Advisory Board (Past President & COO of Syncrude Canada Ltd.)

  • Bill Giebelhaus

    Bill Giebelhaus

    Director, SureHire Advisory Board (Current COO of Clark Builders)

  • Barry James

    Barry James

    Director, SureHire Advisory Board (Past Managing Partner of PWC Edmonton)

  • David Porter

    David Porter

    Director, SureHire Advisory Board (Current Director & Portfolio Manager, Richardson GMP)

Work for SureHire

Our people are our business. We are young, dynamic and a family. Our commitment to our core purpose, core values, exceptional customer service and to each other is contagious and non negotiable.

SureHire Team

Our Multidisciplinary Team
We have developed a team with diverse experience, qualifications, and skills that contribute to the achievement of creating a safe, healthy, and productive workforce. Our members are:

  • Occupational Health Technicians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Certified Athletic Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Exercise Therapists
  • Kinesiologists
  • Personal Fitness Trainers
  • Physicians
  • Occupational Health Nurse
  • Disability Manager

Start Your Career with SureHire

We look for positive individuals who are relentless in providing exceptional customer service, have a passion for team work and are meticulous in their attention to detail. Are you ready to add to our culture and the SureHire experience?

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